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Custom Imprinted Blades, Feathers and Banners

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The difference between the products

Feather Flags

Feather flags are great for creating excitement and attention to any event or business, because they flutter in the wind with color. Feathers are the choice for those looking for wind flutter to catch the eye, but are not the choice if you are looking for message readability. Feather flags are available in many size options and they don't require expensive or specific hardware to display them.

Sun Blade Banners

Sun Blade Banners catch the eye as they slightly flutter in the wind while still maintaining the readability of your logo or message. Three size choices.

Advertising Blade Flags

- Our most popular outdoor product

Advertising Blades are a combination between a feather flag and a Sun Blade. Although the hardware has an arch to make them more readable they aren't as readable as Sun Blades, but they also move in the wind to attract attention. Because the hardware is less expensive Advertising Blades are a less expensive alternative to Sun Blades.

Advertising Blade flags are only available in one size, which is 11'.

Teardrop Banners

The wider, teardrop shape of these banners provides the a better pallet for your graphics or message, which makes them more readable and are a popular choice for indoor trade shows or short term outdoor event display. Three size choices.

Framed Banner Flags

Popular because they are very readable and can be used outdoors or indoors.

Construction - Important Information

Construction is SINGLE/REVERSE, meaning they read correct on one side and mirror bleed through image on the other side of the flag.

It may sound good to have your blade flags constructed double side, but the only way to make them double sided is to make two of them and sew them together with a Tyvec liner in the middle. This makes the blade flags expensive and very heavy, which puts too much stress on your outdoor hardware.

( No reputable manufacturer will make blade flags double sided for outdoor use ).


If you have logos or graphics that you want to be imprinted on your blade flag, we need “Vector manipulative” art work designed in Adobe Illustrator. We can sometimes use very high resolution jpegs or tiffs, but we cannot use low resolution or small graphic files.

Submitting Artwork

You can send your art to us via email by CLICKING HERE.

Imprint Colors

We can imprint any Pantone/PMS color, but you must either submit instruction of the Pantone/PMS colors or have the Pantone/PMS colors embedded into the art work you submit. (If your art work is a jpeg, tiff or created using cmyk we “are not responsible for how the colors will imprint”).


It is important to remember, that advertising blade flags are popular because they are both readable and have movement to catch the attention of your customers. The curve of the pole at the top of our hardware allows the blade flag to be more readable. This is why we highly recommend using our hardware. Our poles are the best! We reinforce the bottom of the pole with an extra metal insert to make it stronger. The heavy duty steel ground spike is the best in the industry.

Contact Information:

  • Email address: info@eventflags.com
  • Phone ( local ): 775-355-0506
  • Phone ( outside NV ): 1-800-842-1131