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4 1/2 Cleat
4 1/2" Cleat
4.5" Cast Aluminum Cleat. Uses two 10-32nf self-tapping flathead fasteners.
6 Cleat
6" Cleat
Heavy duty Cast Aluminum 6" Cleat. Includes: Two .25" 20NC Stainless Steel Allen head fasteners.
9 Cleat
9" Cleat
9" Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Cleat. Includes: Two .25" 20NC Stainless Steel flat head allen fasteners.
Brass Nickel Plated Snaps
Brass Nickel Plated Snaps
3.5" Nickel Long Lasting Snaps.
Halyard Rope
Halyard Rope
Our Long Lasting Nylon Braided Halyard Rope is made specifically for flagpoles. Choose from four different diameters. The price represents per foot cost. Please enter number of feet you would like in the quantity box.
$0.39 - $0.69
Nylon Snaps
Nylon Snaps
Nylon Snaps are usually used to prevent the clanging noise of the snaps hitting the flagpole.
Super Heavy Duty Nylon Snaps
Our long lasting Super nylon flag snaps are a great alternative for the person looking for their snaps too be silent but yet durable. Will last three times longer than normal nylon snaps. Suitable for flags from 2' x 3' to 6' x 10'. Fits halyard rope from 1/8" to 3/8". The space age design of the flag snap prevents the flag from coming off the snap.