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Connecting Link
Connecting Link
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel connecting link. Used for many connecting applications. Used when connecting bead retainer ring to counter weight. Size: 2.75" Length, 5/16" diameter.
Counter Weights
Counter Weights
Made from 2" diameter steel, heavily coated with plastisol with plated eyebolts on each end of the 7" and 14" weights and a single eyebolt on the 3.5" weight.
$55.00 - $95.00
Flash Collars
Ornamental Flash Collars are used as the finishing touch for in-ground flagpoles. Made of quality cast aluminum and are made in America. To determine what size you need, you must measure the diameter of the butt of your flagpole.
$34.50 - $59.50
Retainer Bead Rings
Retainer Bead Rings
Primarily for use in internal halyard flagpoles, retainer bead rings are recommended for use with external halyard flagpoles in high wind areas or when flying large flags on large flagpoles. Prices are for Retainer bead ring only.
$80.00 - $100.00