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1 Adjustable Metal Bracket
1" Adjustable Metal Bracket
Our adjustable bracket had four different positions. This bracket accomidates 1' poles. Comes in four different color choices, silver, gold, white and black
1 Aluminum Ball Bearing No-Wrap Poles
1" Aluminum Ball Bearing No-Wrap Poles
Tired of your flag wrapping around your pole. Our No-Wrap Pole is a fully rotating ball bearing pole with ball top. Pole is 1" in diameter and comes in two different lengths, 5' & 6' and two different finishes, white & silver. Comes with two flag fasteners so you can attach flags that have grommets or for decorative style flags you can use the clip attached.
$24.95 - $29.95
1 Cast Metal Bracket
1" Cast Metal Bracket
Our 1" brackets is made of cast aluminum. Bracket displays the flag at a 45* degree angle. Choose from natural aluminum color or white.
1 2-Way Cast Iron Decorative Flag Bracket
1" 2-Way Cast Iron Decorative Flag Bracket
Our 2-way cast iron bracket has the same features as our 2-way decorative metal bracket. Difference is this bracket is cast iron and comes in either white or black.
1 Heavy Duty Metal Bracket
1" Heavy Duty Metal Bracket
Our heavy duty bracket is cast aluminum & displays the flag at a 45* degree angle. Bracket accomidates a 1" pole. This bracket can also be use for street light poles installation if using bands. (Bands not included)
1 Universal Adjustable Metal Bracket
1" Universal Adjustable Metal Bracket
Our Universal bracket has 13 adjusable positions. This bracket mounts to any flat surface and can used on lightpoles using steel mounting straps. (straps not included) Accomidates a 1" pole. Comes in white or silver
1 2-Way Decorative Flag Metal Bracket
1'' 2-Way Decorative Flag Metal Bracket
Our 2-way metal bracket allows you the option of either a 45* angle or a 90* angle display. Comes in three different colors, white, silver or bronze. Accomidates a 1" pole.
Deluxe Classroom Bracket
Deluxe Classroom Bracket
Our Deluxe Classroom Bracket is stamped steel with black enamel finish. Accomidates 3/8" to 5/8" diameter poles
3/4 Economy Metal Bracket
Economy Stamped Metal Brackets
Choose from four different sizes. Made of stamped steel, these brackets display poles at a 45* degree angle. 1/2", 3/4", 1" and 1 1/4" to choose from.
$4.95 - $10.95
Flag Fasteners 3/4 & 1
Flag Fasteners 3/4" & 1"
Our flag fasteners make it easy to attach grommeted flags to you pole. You can choose from 3/4" fasterners to fit 3/4" poles or 1" fasterners to fit 1" poles. Price is per pair.
$3.50 - $4.50
Spearhead Classroom Bracket
Spearhead Classroom Bracket
Our Spearhead Classroom Bracket is made of sturdy cast aluminum. Designed for 12x18" flags with a 3/8" diameter staff. Bracket comes in two different styles, one to hold 3 flags, and one to hold 5 flags
$7.95 - $10.54
Stamped Classroom Bracket
Stamped Classroom Bracket
Made of heady duty stamped steel, this bracket displays pole at a 45* degree angle and accomidates 3/8" to 1/2" flagpoles
As low as $4.50
Windsock Display Set
Our 4' Windsock Pole & Bracket Set is used to display a windsock from the side of your home or business.