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Campies Aromatherapy Lavender Oil
Campies Aromatherapy Lavender Oil will help with Sleep, Inner Piece or Stress Reliever.
Campies Lavender 1st Aid Salve
Campies First Aid Salve. Did you cut yourself? Got a rash? Sore muscles from working out? Maybe a bug bite or two? This salve will relieve all your problems.
Nakara Bubble Bath Bomb Ball
Bubble Bath Bomb Ball is a fantastic way to relax in the bath. Made Right Here In Nevada. Scents Rose and Orange, Lavender & Black Amber, Eucalyptus.
Nevada Shape Nakara Soaps
Cute Nevada Shape Soap with a beautiful flower in Northern Nevada. Cold Process Hand Made Soaps. Made Right Here In Nevada. Scents available: Tabacco & Bay Leaf, Cedar Wood.
Square 4 oz Nakara Soaps
Cold Process Hand Made Soaps. Made Right Here In Nevada. Scents available: Lemon Grass, Dragons Blood, Cocoa Butter, Sea Moss, Lavender and Rose & Vanilla.
Campie's Lavender Bar Soap
Campies Lavender Soap. Pamper yourself with this fragrant handmade Soap. Made from Campies own Lavender Essential oil and buds. Approximately 3.5 oz.
Campie's Lavender Hand Lotion
Campie's Lavender hand & skin lotion. Enjoy the wonderful fragrance of Lavender while you soothe your skin with Campies own Lavender Lotion. Comes in a 2oz. tube.
Campie's Lavender Bubble Bath
Campies Lavender Bubble Bath Enjoy a truly relaxing experience with our Lavender Bubble Bath. Made with quality ingredients and Campies own Lavender Essential Oil. This Bubble Bath leaves your bath water smelling wonderful with all of the healing and aromatic properties that Lavender has to offer. Approximately 8oz.