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U.S. Velcro Antenna Flags
4" X 6" U.S. Velcro Antenna Flags
Antenna flag. Made of 'Duraknit' no fray polyester. Attaches to any antenna by two-sided velcro for easy installation. "You won't believe how long our antenna flags will last", most customers get 3,000 to 5,000 freeway miles before ripping.
As low as $2.95
American Made U.S. Auto Window Flag
Finally a made in America U.S. auto window flag. Our American made Car flags are made of durable, knitted polyester and are double sided, (two flags sewn together for longer life. The staff and window clip are made of high impact nylon. As most of our customers know, these flags are meant to be for parade use and using them for prolonged freeway travel will really shorten the life of the flags.
U.S. Auto Window Flag, Imported
Our American Car flags are made of durable, imported knitted polyester and are double sided for longer life. The staff and window clip are made of nylon. After trying a large number of different suppliers, we finally found one that was suitable for highway use. However if you drive at speeds over 50 mph frequently the life of these flags may be 1 month or less. But that is pretty good considering the extreme conditions. This is an imported item.
U.S. Flag Antenna Ball
U.S. Flag shape antenna flags are made of high tech foam that are built to last. Even though they are shaped like a flag they will not blow off your antenna. Fits any standard vehicle antenna.