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Martin Hotel Salad Dressing
The same salad dressing that has been served at the Martin Hotel In Winnemucca for over 60 years. Garlic, Oil, Vinegar and Prairie Dust Dressing. 16oz.
Grandma's Mixes
These great tasting Grandma mixes are made in Carson City, Choose from 16 oz. Blueberry Muffin mix, Cherry Streusel Muffin mix, Indian Fry Bread mix, or Grandma's Huckleberry Pancake Mix.
Grandma's Sourdough Mixes and Starters
These great tasting Grandma mixes are made in Carson City, Nevada by Garden Gourmet Food Company. Choose from 20 oz.Corn Bread mix, Sourdough Bread mix, Sourdough Pancake mix, or Grandma's Sourdough Starter Kit.
$4.95 - $12.00
Tillie's Stuffed Olives

Colossal gourmet green olives hand stuffed. Ready to eat straight out of jar, or in your favorite cocktail. Five great flavors to choose from. Blue cheese stuffed, Garlic stuffed, Lemon stuffed, Vermouth martini olive and double stuffed with garlic & Jalapeno pepper. Made right here in Reno

Tillie's Pickled Garlic
The garlic cloves are never blanched or cooked to insure a crunchy texture. After they are pickled they become very mellow, not like raw garlic. Great just on their own or with salads, shrimp, beef and chicken stir fry, mix in hamburgers and meat loaf. Our favorite is to stuff under the skin of a whole chicken and toss on the grille or roast in the oven. We offer four varieties.
Rocco's Salsa
From the little restaurant in Sparks, NV, we made some of the best breakfast burritos in the Truckee Meadows, our homemade salsa was the flavor buster in these burritos and was requested more and more. Come in two flavors Not That Hot! and Woo Hoo! That's Hot!
Nevada Brining Co. Boozy Pickle
Can you imagine anything better than pickles and booze? These bread and butter style pickles are packed with Las Vegas Distillery’s Gold Metal winning 7 Grain Whiskey and smokey Fresno peppers. 16 oz. Jar made by Nevada Brining Company.
Nevada Brining Co. Deli Style Pickle
NEVADA BRINING COMPANY PICKLES: This American classic is perfect for any sandwich, snack, or even a cocktail. Cut into spears they pack a crunch and leave you wanting more. These pickles are brined and packed with hand chopped garlic and fresh dill weed. Then finished off with mustard seeds, coriander and peppercorns.16 oz. Jar
Nevada Brining Co. Pickled Cauliflower
Hand cut cauliflower florets hand packed with a salty sweet brine.They marry together curry and peppercorns to balance the flavor. And don’t just eat them out of the jar. Strain the brine out and bake the cauliflower in the oven as a side dish. 100% good! 16 oz. Jar Nevada Brining Company.
Nevada Brining Co. Stagecoach Carrots
Barrel Cut Original carrots brined in a mild and sweet brine. We then added fresh sliced coins of ginger and a few cloves to bring everything together. The Stagecoach Carrots are perfect for charcuterie plates and also a great addition to a Bloody Mary. We also like to snack on them as a dessert substitute. 16 oz. Jar Nevada Brining Co.
Nevada Brining Company Ponderosa Pepper Relish
One of two members of the Sweet N’ Heat club. This is our sweet bread and butter brine recipe with fresh chopped green (jalapenos) chilis. A touch of white onion and red pepper set this cowboy condy off in all the right way. Ready for a true fantasy in food flavors?
Nevada Brining Pickled Beets
Chioggia Heirloom Beets in a Allspice brine steeped with fresh rosemary. This special product has a nice balance of earthiness, sweetness and aromatics. The Great Basin Beets go well on salads, sandwiches and are the perfect touch to a charcuterie platter.
Tillie's Pickled Asparagus
These pickled asparagus spears are great right out of the jar or served as an appetizer with prosciutto and cream cheese. 8 oz Jar.
Tillie's Italian Style Artichoke Salsa
Italian pear tomatoes, Artichoke hearts, their Italian pickled garlic and seasonings. Yummy with chips right out of the jar!!
Tillie's Pickled Green Beans
These crisp gently spicy pickled green beans are great right out of the jar or as a side with potatoes, pasta, chicken, or in a salad. Comes in a 8 oz jar.
Tillie's Dirty Martini Mix
This product needs no introduction to the avid Martini drinker. Simply the best pure olive juice with a twist of lemon. Just add a few splashes to your Gin or Vodka to make the PERFECT DIRTY MARTINI!
Tillie's Garlic & Herb Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Enjoy this made in Nevada 250ml Italian glass bottle Extra virgin olive oil made from only the freshest olives.

Tillie's Balslamic & Herb Dipping Oil
250ml Italian glass bottle Extra virgin cold pressed olive oil made from only the freshest olives and blended with a 12 year old Balsamic Vinegar from Modena Italy. This convenient combination takes the guess work out of mixing your own BREAD DIPPER and Ideal as a SALAD DRESSING.
Tillie's Split Shot Garlic Salsa
Spicy Garlic Salsa made with a double shot of their own Jalapeno Garlic.
Garden Gourmet Dip Mixes
Garden Gourmet Dip mixes are the easiest and best way to make almost any kind of dip you can imagine. Has quick and easy instructions on the back of the package for your additional ingredients. Choose from twelve different flavors. Dilly Onion, Onion & Spinach, Cheesy Bacon, Tahoe Ranch, OL' Smoky BBQ, Mushroom & Cheese, Italian Sweet Pepper, Tomato Horseradish, Cheesy Garlic, Jalapeno Delight, Blue Cheese and Quick Chili Mix. Made in Carson City