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Custom Imprinted Large Balloon Fabric Sponsor Banners

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How long have you been making Air Balloon Sponsor Banners?

We have been making them for over 20 years. In the old days we use to have to hand-stitch appliqué the logo and lettering on the banners, but with new technology we can now digitally print the fabric Air Balloon Banners.


Our Air Balloon Sponsor Banners are made out of fire retardant knitted polyester fabric. The fabric is lightweight, durable and perfect for air balloon sponsor banners.

Printing Method

We use direct to fabric digital printing to put your logo and message onto the sponsor banner.

How are Air Balloon Sponsor Banners finished?

Normally there are two methods to finish air balloon sponsor banners, the most common is to sew in Velcro around the seams or on the corners, and sides. If Velcro is the way your pilot attaches your sponsor banner to his balloon, we will need to know if he has “HOOK OR LOOP” Velcro on his balloon, so we can sew the opposite type on the banner, so it will attach to his balloon.

The other method we use is to hem the banner and attach grommets around the banner so the pilot can attach the banner with rope/cord. On a few occasions we have had to sew in rope loop finish, but this is pretty uncommon.


If you have logos or graphics that you want to be imprinted on your balloon banner, we need “Vector manipulative” art work designed in Adobe Illustrator. We can sometimes use very high resolution jpegs or tiffs, but we cannot use low resolution or small graphic files.

Submitting Artwork

You can send your art to us via email by CLICKING HERE.

Imprint Colors

We can imprint any Pantone/PMS color, but you must either submit instruction of the Pantone/PMS colors or have the Pantone/PMS colors embedded into the art work you submit. (If your art work is a jpeg, tiff or created using cmyk we “are not responsible for how the colors will imprint”).

Contact Information:

  • Email address: info@eventflags.com
  • Phone ( local ): 775-355-0506
  • Phone ( outside NV ): 1-800-842-1131