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> Nevada Products and Gifts > Nevada Shape Gift Baskets, Over 45 Baskets to Choose from Starting at just 19.95

Carson City BBQ Basket

This 14" Nevada Shape Basket Includes One 14oz. bottle of Original, one bottle of Hot & Spicy BBQ sauce, one bottle of 11oz BBQ Rub and one bottle of 5oz. Rippin Hot sauce.

Beer Lover's Basket

This 12" basket includes a can of four different Made In Nevada Beers

Coffee Break Basket
This 12" Nevada shaped basket Includes 1/2 lb. of Whole Bean Woodfire Roasted Coffee and our Battle Born Collage Insulated hot and cold high quality 25 oz. bottle, featuring Nevada official symbols and Nevada places imprinted on the bottle.
Small Candy Lovers Basket

This 12" Nevada shaped basket Includes 2 tubes of Kimmie candy, 1/2 lb of Tahoe Toffee, and a 9oz. bag of Tahoe Toffee Peanut Brittle or Peppermint Brittle.

Nevada Proud Beer Basket

This 14" Nevada Shaped Basket includes 2 bottles of Great Basin Beer, a Nevada Proud Pint Glass, Kimmie Candy Tube, and Jerky Junction Jerky.

Trivia Coffee Basket

This 14" Nevada Shape Basket includes Blind Dog Coffee Nevada Black flavor, Tahoe Toffee small Nevada shaped toffee and 2 Nevada trivia Mugs. For all the Coffee Lovers out there. 

Nevada BBQ Variety Basket
Our 14" Nevada BBQ Variety Basket Includes One each bottle of Carson City BBQ sauce, Battle Born Gourmet BBQ sauce, Absured BBQ marinade and a package of Garden Gourmet BBQ Rub.
Hostess Thank You Basket

This 14" Nevada Shaped basket includes Killer Salsa, (any flavor except XXHot) 4 Nevada Proud coasters, 4oz Lattin Farm Jam, (any flavor) small Nevada shaped Tahoe Toffee, 1 Garden Gourmet Dip, The Martin Hotel salad dressing, and 1 Alpine Coffee single pouch. This basket is a perfect way to say "thank you" and try the many flavors of Made in Nevada products.

Nevada Coffee Candy Basket

This 14" Nevada Shaped Basket includes 8 oz.Ground Alpen Sierra Coffee, 9oz. Bag of Tahoe Toffee, Kimmie Candy Tube, Kimmie Candy Gusset bag, and a Nevada trivia mug.

Nevada Home Basket
This 14" Nevada Shaped basket includes 20.9 oz. "Home" Thermal bottle, Jerky Junction Jerky, Battle Born vinyl decal, Tahoe Toffee Tahoe Toffee and one can of Battle Born Beer.
Nevada Outlaw Man Basket
Our Outlaw Man 12" Basket Includes Outlaw 8 oz. body wash, Outlaw 8 oz. lotion, Jerky Junction 3 oz. package of Jerky and a bottle of Great Basin Outlaw Stout beer.
Large Nevada Jam & Honey Basket

This 12" Nevada Shape Basket Includes three 8 oz. Jars of Lattin Farms Jam, one 8 oz. Al Bees Honey.

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Nevada Breakfast Basket

This 14" Nevada Shaped Basket is perfect for the Nevada Breakfast lover. Includes Grandma's Sourdough pancake mix, 8 oz. bag of Alpen Sierra Coffee, 3 oz. Jar of Al Bees Honey, and two flavors of 4oz. jar of Latin Farms Jam.

Couples Coffee Basket

This 16" Nevada Shaped basket includes: 12 oz Blind Dog coffee, 8 oz Alpen Sierra Coffee, and 2 Nevada Trivia Mugs.

Nevada Couples Drinkin' Basket

This 14" basket includes 1 stemless Nevada wine glass, 1 Nevada Proud pint glass, a bottle of Basin Range Wine, (red or white) and any Nevada canned beer. The perfect gift for any alcohol lovers.

I Love Nevada Basket

This 16" Nevada Shaped Basket Includes 8 oz. Jar of Lattin Farms Jam, 8oz Aplen Sierra ground coffee,16 oz. Jar of Killer Salsa, 8 oz jar of Al Bees Honey, 4 oz bag of Tahoe toffee, and 2 Davidson's tea boxes

Nevada Tasters Basket

This 16" Nevada Shaped basket includes Grandma's Corn bread mix, Grandma's Soup Mix, Al bees 1lb. honey, Nevada Brining Co. Pickles, Garden Gourmet chili mix, 4 Nevada Proud coasters, and 1 bottle of Ruby Mt. Beer.

Hodge Podge Basket

This 16" Nevada Shaped basket includes a jar of Nevada Brining Co. (carrots, pickles or onions) 4oz Tahoe Toffee bag, Battle Born BBQ Sauce, Battle Born Carolina Mustard, The Martin Hotel salad dressing, 1 Kimmie Candy tube, 1 Alpine Coffee single pouch, Garlic Farms Seasoning, and Small Batch Enchilada Sauce.

Nevada Gentlemans Basket

This 16" Nevada Shaped Basket includes, Jerky Junction Jerky, Joneseys BBQ Sauce, Absurd Marinade, NV Proud Pint Glass, Great Basin bottle Beer, 3 Kimmie Candy tubes, Garden Gourmet Dip Mix, Jonesey's BBQ Sauce, and a Battle Born shot glass.

The Gourmet Foods Basket

This 16" Nevada shaped gift basket includes 8oz. Wood Fire Roasted Coffee, Davidson's Tea sampler box, Kimmie Candy tube, Tillies Balsamic oil, Tillie's Olive oil, 9oz bag of Tahoe Toffee, and Java Jonesey's Rub.


Nevada Authors Basket

This 16" Nevada Shaped Basket includes an 8oz bag of Wood Fire Roasted Coffee, (whole bean) a Nevada trivia book, 9oz bag of Tahoe Toffee, and a Home Means Nevada mug.

Nevada Naturals Basket

This 16" Nevada shaped basket has either All-Natural, Organic, and or Gluten-Free items enclosed. It includes 1lb of Al Bees Honey, Davidson's Tea, Blind Dog Coffee, 2 Kimmie Candy tubes, Campies 1st Aide Salve, Italian Hearts pasta sauce, and Lip Balm.

Ultimate Candy Basket

This 16" Nevada Shaped Basket includes a wide variety of Nevada Made candies.

Nevada Italian Night Basket
Our 16" Nevada Italian Night Basket Includes Grandma's Sourdough Starter, 24 oz. jar Italian Hearts Pasta Sauce, Tillie's dipping oil, Tillie's Italian Pickled Garlic, Tillie's Italian Salsa and a Bottle of Nevada Red Wine, (Varies).
Sweet Tooth Basket

This 16" Nevada Shaped Gift Basket includes a Nevada stemless wine glass, Blind Dog Nevada Black Coffee, Kimmie Candy Bag, Rose Wine, Davidson's Tea box, Tahoe Toffee small NV shaped toffee, and an 8oz Lattin Farms Jam.

Nevada's Italian Night Basket

This 16" basket Includes Italian Hearts Pasta Sauce, Grandma's Sourdough Bread Mix, Tillie's Italian Garlic, Pahrump Burgundy Wine, Tillie's Balsamic Herb dipping oil, and Tillie's Artichoke Salsa. Perfect for the Italian food lover!

Nevada Flavors Basket

This 20" Nevada Shaped Basket includes, 1lb Alpen Sierra Coffee, Grandmas Soup Mix, Jerky Junction bag, 3 tubes of Kimmie Candy, Tillies Stuffed Olives, (any variety) Battle Born Hot Sauce, 9oz Tahoe Toffee Peanut Brittle OR Peppermint Bark, The Martin Hotel salad dressing, Tillie's Beans, and 2 bags of Garden Gourmet Dip.

Nevada Proud Basket

One of our most popular gift baskets. This 20" basket includes 2 Nevada mugs, a great bottle of White Wine, Alpen Sierra Coffee, Kimmie Candy Nevada themed variety tray, 4oz Tahoe Toffee bag, Grandmas Wild Blueberry Muffin Mix, and 2 boxes of Davidson's Tea. 

Taste of Nevada Basket

This 20" Nevada Shaped Basket includes, Killer Salsa, Grandma's Pancake Mix, Kimmie Candy Tube, BJ's BBQ Sauce, Davidson's Tea box, any Nevada Beer, any Nevada Red Wine, Grandma's Sourdough Starter, Small Batch BBQ Sauce, Tahoe Toffee 1/2 lb box, Rowdy Bar, and 2 Garden Gourmet Dips.

Nevada Shape Baskets
Want to make your own gift basket? Our Nevada shape baskets are made out of quality wood products and hand crafted right here in the good old USA. Five Sizes to choose from 10", 12", 14", 16" or 20".
$16.00 - $27.00