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Battle Born Nevada Trivia
"Battle Born Nevada Trivia" This is Martin T. Smith's second and best book. He saves a few of his favorite stories from his sold out book "Nevada Outhouse Trivia" and adds 24 new short stories, new Nevada trivia, great photos and some surprises. Without a doubt this is the most entertaining book of its' kind.
''Nevadans, The Spirit of the Silver State''
Stan Paher's much anticipated book. "Nevadans, the spirit of the silver state" The book reviews the first 150 years, with sections devoted to each of Nevada's 17 counties. The photos are worth the price of the book. This is a must have book for anyone that loves Nevada history.
A Chronicle of Nevada's Great Basin
The latest book by Jerry Aaron about the history, explorers and geography of the Silver State. Chronicle of Nevada's Great Basin is an interesting and informative read for everyone from Native Nevadans to new residents or travelers just passing through the Silver State. The Book is hardbound.
Dat-So-La-Lee Washo Indian Basketmaker
Dat-So-La-Lee Washo Indian Basketmaker a biography by Dixie Westergard. Read why Dat-So-La-Lee was the best basket weaver in history. Rare photos in this book. Book is paperback.
Dr. Mary
Author Dixie Westergard's account of the life and times of Dr. Mary Fulstone brings to life the character and strength of this medical pioneer.
Best of the Best from Nevada Cookbook
Over 250 recipes from Nevada's favorite cookbooks. From chuck wagon food to gourmet classics. Beverage, appetizers, breads, sauces, breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes right at your fingertips. This easy to read and follow cookbook features some beautiful black and white photos of Nevada.
Nevada Grown ''A Year In Local Food''
Nevada Grown: A Year In Local Food brings together 150 recipes from farmers, ranchers, professional chefs, and home chefs. All recipes highlight foods grown in Nevada. This is a Hard Back Book.
The State that Made a Nation Great Book
Written by Linda Rasmussen and illustrated by Churchill County kids. Graphic art by Fernando Rollano. Great book for teaching kids about how Nevada helped pass the 13th Amendment and many other historic points.
Reno Now and Then II
Reno Now and Then II book by Neal Cobb and Jerry Fenwick, that vividly illustrate the history of Reno, Nevada through historic photos and contemporary re-photography of the original locations.
Christmas In Nevada
The delightful and touching stories of Christmas in Nevada tell how Nevadans have celebrated the holiday, from 1858 to the present day. The Author Patricia (Patty) Cafferata has had a diverse career in politics, law and as an author.
Dateline Reno: The Fight of the Century
Commemorating the 100th anniversary of "The Prize Fight of the Century", RGJ reporters Ray Hagar and Guy Clifton have compiled a recollection of the event through profiles of the key figures; stories, photos and illustrations from Reno's two daily newspapers, the Reno Evening Gazette and the Nevada State Journal; and interviews with boxing and Nevada historians. The title fight between Jack Johnson and James Jeffries marked one of the most significant events in Nevada's history, and in the history of race relations in the United States.
Nevada Adventure Map
The Nevada Adventure Map is printed on a 36"x24" sheet and shows Adventure Roads (paved, graded and 4-wheel-only). More than 40 "Hidden Treasures"; exceptional attractions you might not find on your own; campsites, hiking trails, hot springs, ghost towns, live towns and wonderful things to see and do as you travel through Nevada. The back side of the map provides detailed access information and more than 40 photos of the state's visitor landmarks and recreation opportunities. Guaranteed to help you have a blast in Nevada.
Nevada Road and Recreational Atlas 2015 Edition
Nevada has long been known as the wildest adventure state in the lower 48, and this atlas is the first atlas to fully corral all of its marvels and outdoor potential. Careful and thorough field checking and local research assure users the best Nevada outdoor experience possible. Recreation maps show hunting units and public lands, emphasizing historic trails and points of interest. Special metropolitan maps of Las Vegas and Reno, and a dazzling view of Lake Tahoe make this a complete atlas for the home or car.
Hookin N Cookin
Hookin' N' Cookin' In the Old West, is a cookbook with recipes for everything from a funeral to a Fandango. Author Liz Hill-Burroway offers you the only cookbook you'll ever want to keep in the kitchen but hide from the children!
Historical Nevada - 150 Memorable Images in Celebration of the Silver State's Sesquicentennial
Photos from the last 150 years in Nevada history. Pictures dated from 1860's to the 1960's. From mining to trains, and from Hoover Dam and Las Vegas to Indians from Nevada's past, you will find beautiful images in this 160-page hardbound book.
Nevada Ghost Towns & Desert Atlas
This 8.5" x 11" hard bound book and atlas by San Paher features 71 color maps and shows more than 2,200 places of interest for both the casual desert visitor and the serious off-road explorer. Ghost towns, mining and gemstone sites, caves, hot springs, cemeteries and so much more. This book normally sells for 39.95 and is on SALE for 32.50
Nevada Ghost Towns & Desert Atlas Vol. 2
This is a well-researched guide to more than 1100 desert destinations in Southern Nevada's scenic backcountry. With 33 new color maps for desert explorers, and 265 vintage photos, you can visit and learn about historic places, natural features, placer gold sites, campgrounds, gemstone sites, caves, hot springs, and recreation areas.
Nevada Ghost Towns & Mining Camps
Nevada's all-time best selling history book. This large hard bound book contains more pictures and describes more localities of ghost towns and mining camps than any other Nevada book published. Written by Nevada expert, Satnley W. Paher.
Nevada Ghost Towns & Mining Camps Illustrated Atlas Volume One-Northern Nevada (Nevada Ghost Towns & Mining Camps)
Covering the northern portion of Nevada, this atlas includes sites in northern Nevada. It has 37 color maps and 265 vintage photos by ghost town pioneer Nell Murbarger. Each of the maps in this atlas are keyed to the corresponding historic sketches found in its popular companion volume, Nevada Ghost Towns & Mining Camps by Stanley W. Paher.
Nevada Lost Mines & Buried Treasures
Douglas McDonald's 6" x 9" ,128 page book recounts 74 legends of lost mines in Nevada, from the Gold Rush of 1849; tales of buried coins, bullion bars, stolen bank money and more. Includes maps and illustrations.
Nevada Towns & Tales Volume 1
This large 8.5" x 11" book written by Stanley W. Paher has many different aspects. Stan writes about gambling, politics, mining, state emblems, casino entertainment, legends, ranching, railroads, native animals and much more. The books has dozens of great historical black and white photos.
Nevada's Paul Laxalt a Memoir
Read this very interesting memoir of former U.S. Senator Paul Laxalt. It is a tell all about the life and times of Paul Laxalt. Written by Paul Laxalt.
You know you're a Nevadan if II
The first book was so popular they wrote another one. "You know you're a Nevada if II" is just more fun. Written by Guy Clifton with illustrations by Marilyn Melton.
You know you're a Nevadan if
You know you're a Nevadan if you know "what going to the Wal" means. Many more of these fun "You know you're a Nevada if's. Written by Guy Clifton with illustrations by Marilyn Melton.
You're doing what to the Mapes?
Don't let the title of this book fool you. Author Karl Breckenridge has put together a collection of short stories and writings of dozens of places and people northern Nevada.
The Prize Fight of the Century
If you like to read about Reno or Boxing this book is for you. The author Robert Greenwood has done his research and has captured the excitement and history of the fight of the century. The rare photos in this book are worth the price of the book.
Dempsey in Nevada
Dempsey in Nevada is an historic look at Heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey, the most famous sports personality of the early 20th century. This book as some rare photos. Written by Nevada author Guy Clifton.
Alkali Angels
Alkali Angels isn't just another conversation piece for your coffee table. For seven years Marilyn Newton traveled all over the entire state of Nevada to record with her beautiful photos of historic graveyards. Marilyn writes a short history of each graveyard location.
Mark Twain in Virginia City Nevada
By Mark Twain, (Samuel Clemens). Nevada author Stanley Paher has taken excerpts from Mark Twain books that pertain to Virginia City and Nevada. Read about mining, milling, claim jumping, speculation, fist fights, desperadoes, shootings and funerals from Samuel Clemens himself.
Sarah Winnemucca
Written by Sally Zanjani, this book is a moving story of Sarah Winnemucca (1844-1891), one of the most influential and charismatic Native women in American history. Born into a legendary family of Paiute leaders in western Nevada, Sarah dedicated much of her life to working for her people.
Images of America, "The Basques of Reno
"The Basques of Reno and Northeastern Sierra" by Joxe Mallea-Olaetxe. Like other books published by Images of America the book has great photographs and gives a small look into the Basque.
Images of America, Cemeteries of Carson City and Carson Valley
Images in America "Cemeteries of Carson City and Carson Valley. Like other books published by Images of America the book has great photographs and gives a small look into Cemeteries of Carson City.
Images of America, Fallon
"Fallon" by Michon Mackedon and Valerie J. Serpa. Like other books published by Images of America the book has great photographs and gives a small look into the history of Fallon.
Images of America, Sparks
"Sparks" by Joyce M. Cox. Like other books published by Images of America the book has great photographs and gives a small look into the history of Sparks.
Images of America, Virginia City and the Big Bonanza
"Virginia City and the Big Bonanza" by Ronald and Susan James. Like other books published by Images of America the book has great photographs and gives a small look into Virginia City's history.
It Was Nevada (1)
The Author Dr. Lesperance holds the title of professor emeritus of Animal and Range Science, University of Nevada, Reno. During his twenty-five-year career at the university, he taught numerous undergraduate and graduate courses, published approximately 160 scientific publications, and served on countless committees, not only at Nevada but nationally as well. It Was Nevada is a hard hitting book following the adventures of Terry Hope from his earliest days, to his ultimate goal of working on a Nevada cattle ranch. Lot's of Twists and Turns a great read for any Nevadan.
A Short History of Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe is one of the scenic wonders of the American West, a sapphire jewel that attracts millions of visitors each year. But the lake drew Native Americans to its summer shores for millennia, as well as more recent fortune hunters, scientists, and others. A Short History of Lake Tahoe recounts the long, fascinating history of Lake Tahoe. Author Michael J. Makley examines the geology and natural history of the lake and introduces the people who shaped its history, including the Washoe Indians and such colorful characters as Mark Twain and legendary teamster Hank Monk, and later figures like entertainer Frank Sinatra and Olympic skier Julia Mancuso. He also covers the development of the lake’s surrounding valley, including the impacts of mining, logging, and tourism, and the economic, political, and social controversies regarding the use and misuse of the lake’s resources. Generously illustrated with historic photographs, this book is an engaging introduction to one of the most magnificent sites in the world. It also illuminates the challenges of protecting natural beauty and a fragile environment while preserving public access and a viable economy in the surrounding communities.
Aurora: Nevada's Ghost City of the Dawn
Discovery of gold at Aurora opened the way to settlement of Nevada Territory. It proved there were precious minerals in locales beyond the rich Comstock Lode. Aurora was full of life during the Civil War years. Its streets teemed with hardy miners, millhands, merchants and barkeepers, stock hustlers and gunmen. Women coped with hardship and loneliness in this isolated location.
Bodie's Boss Lawman
After serving with the 1st Illinois Regiment in the Mexican War in 1846, John FKirgan made his way westward,where his saga intersected with that of the new state of California’s constitutional convention in 1850. The comstock mining excitement at Virginia City ten years later brought Kirgan to Nevada, where he experienced first-hand prison politics in Carson City. Finally, fate delivered him to Bodie in 1877 where he found himselfworking as constable, jailer and deputy sheriff during the boom years. Serving as the “boss Lawman” of Bodie was the culmination of Kirgan’s life-an odyssey that placed him in contact with the emerging history of the American West.
Cave Rock: Climbers, Courts, and a Washoe Indian Sacred Place
On August 27, 2007, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld an earlier district court ruling that sport climbing on a Washoe Indian sacred site in western Nevada must cease. Cave Rock, a towering monolith jutting over the shore of Lake Tahoe, has been sacred to the Washoe people for over five thousand years. Long abused by road builders and vandals, it earned new fame in the late twentieth century as a world-class sport rock-climbing site. Over twenty years of bitter disputes and confrontation between the Washoe and the climbers ensued. The Washoe are a small community of fewer than 2,000 members; the climbers were backed by a national advocacy and lobbying group and over a hundred powerful corporations. Cave Rock follows the history of the fight between these two groups and examines the legal challenges and administrative actions that ultimately resulted in a climbing ban. After over two centuries of judicial decisions allowing federal control, economic development, or public interests to outweigh Indian claims to their sacred places, the Court’s ruling was both unprecedented and highly significant. As the authors conclude, the long-term implications of the ruling for the protection of Native rights are of equal consequence.
Elegance on C Street: The Story of the International Hotel
The story of the Virginia City International Hotel which began as a simple wood frame building in 1860 and became a world renowned palace of opulence until its destruction by fire in 1914. Illustrated with period photos.
Gem Trails of Nevada
Gem Trails of Nevada by James R. Mitchell. Visit the places where experienced rock and mineral collectors have found success! Detailed descriptions, photos and maps guide you to some of the best gem collecting sites in the state. Second edition. This book is a 6" x 9" paperback with 192 pages.
Geologic and Natural History Tours in the Reno Area
Go explore the Reno area and take a Geological tour and learn about the natural and man made geological beauties of Nevada.
Geology of the Great Basin
This volume is an introduction to the geology of America's Great Basin. About the Author: Bill Fiero was a professor of geology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He lives in Boulder City, Nevada.
Gold Fever: the Art of Panning and Sluicing
This best-selling title has helped push thousands of people into gold prospecting. You'll learn all the basics of gold prospecting from how and where to look for it to the best methods for gold extraction. The basics of panning and sluicing are covered, plus information on turning your new-found gold into jewelry.
Goldfield Hotel: But You Can't Leave, Shirley
Shirley has Passed On but Left at Least One of Her Many Adventures for us to Share A True Account of the Unusual Life Led While Living in Nevada's Historical Goldfield Hotel After it had been Closed for Over Thirty Years............ Great Book!
History of Sparks: Centennial Edition
Prepared in conjunction with the Sparks Nevada centennial, details the 100-year history of the city often overshadowed by its neighbor Reno. Sparks is viewed as a great city to live in, one of 30 national finalists for All America City status. Downtown has evolved into summertime activities including Hot August Nights, Sparks Hometown Farmer's Market, The Big Easy and the Best-in-the-West Rib Cook-Off. Features Early Beginnings, Railroad, Business, Government, Churches and Schools, Events and special Pickles cartoons of Spark's native Brian Crane. Includes over 250 rare black-and-white and color photographs.
Images of America Reno
Guy Clifton has done it again, Clifton specializes in telling stories of Reno's people and the city's milestone moments. For this book, he scoured the photograph archives of the Reno newspapers and worked with longtime Reno families to secure images rarely or never seen in print. You will love this book!
Legacy of Silver and Saddles
The book follows the journey of G.S. Garcia and J.M. Capriola, two legendary saddle makers in northeastern Nevada who made their living from the working cowboys and ranchers in the Great Basin. Entering into the present are the Bear and Wright families who have chosen to continue the tradition and heritage of leather craftsmanship. Today, customers entering the J.M. Capriola Co. are met with the same smell of leather that greeted G.S. Garcia's patrons over 100 years ago. The book is 130 pages with 300 photos, many never seen before.
Logan: The Honorable Life & Scandalous Death of a Western Lawman
Dressed only in a nightshirt and unarmed, Sheriff Thomas Logan lay bleeding outside the Jewel, a house of ill-fame. His death in 1906 sent shock waves across Nevada, forcing Hannah and their eight children to face an unfathomable future. This richly textured account of a poplar lawman's life and death also includes many famous and colorful characters - all of whom were part of the Wild West's reluctant surrender to the 20th century.
Long Beard
This book is about Warren Wasson, one of the first pioneers on the East Slope of the Sierra. Read all about his life and how he was a husband, father, a scout, U.S. Marshal, a miner, and an inventor.
Placer Gold Deposits of Nevada
The definitive source for placer deposits in Nevada. A reprint of the original US Geological Survey Bulletin 1356. Contains detailed information on over 100 locations, plus the geology and production from the placer districts of Nevada. Includes topographic map showing placer gold locations throughout the state.
Recreational Gold Prospecting for Fun & Profit
Knowing where to look for gold is a well-kept secret-and a fun, exciting escape from our hectic daily lives. This entertaining, well-written book is for those who have ever thought about looking for gold as a hobby. If you're just starting out in gold prospecting, this is the book for you. Here are straightforward and complete answers to all of your questions about where to go, what to bring, what to do when you get there, and also when you get back home with your new-found gold. The author's vast experience in outdoor recreation and "user-friendly" writing style will help you get ready to enjoy a great family activity that's loaded with fun and profit! Complete with text describing the basic geology properties of gold.
Rhyme Riders Trail: Cowboy Poetry From The Eastern Sierra
Cowboy Poetry from the Eastern Sierra. The author has an interesting mix of real cowboy and reel cowboy stories and poems. He continues to perform nationally and spends as much time as he can horseback or sliding down the many ski slopes in the Lake Tahoe area. If you have ever day dreamed of being a cowboy, this book will take you on some very interesting trails. Read Less
Robert Laxalt: The Story of a Storyteller
“Robert Laxalt was as understated as he was brilliant as a novelist and Basque-American citizen. Warren Lerude’s superb new study illuminates the life and artistry of Laxalt. Anyone who wants to understand the pastoral tradition of the American West needs to read the works of Robert Laxalt.” —National Humanities Scholar Clay Jenkinson
Rockhound and Prospector's Bible: A Reference and Study Guide to Rocks, Minerals, Gemstones and Prospecting
This compact reference for the minerals collector and prospector contains information on local geology, mineral formation, collecting and prospecting techniques and tools.
Short History of Carson City
Nevada s capital city is today a charming, modern community, with an unusually eventful past. A Short History of Carson City traces its history from its origin as a mid-nineteenth-century trading post to its rise as the political center of Nevada. Here are the hard-working citizens and colorful characters, the political and business decisions, and the evolving economy that helped shape it. This is the first comprehensive historical account of a thoroughly modern state capital with its roots deep in Nevada s turbulent past.
Tahoe Heritage
Hostelries have long been a valid subject for historical research and writing, but Tahoe Heritage is an account not only of Glenbrook and the Bliss family, but of Lake Tahoe from its earliest days. In theircollaboration, Sessions Wheeler tells his tale with sympathy and sensitivity, and William Bliss provides the private Bliss family journals, letters, photographs, and personal recollections of unrecorded facts that are at the heart of this book.
Territorial Lawmen of Nevada Volume 1
This volume is a look at the first men to ever enforce the laws or directives of courts in the area that later became Nevada. This is the most extensive work published to this date on Nevada's Lawmen during the Territorial period.
The Amateur Archaeologist in the Great Basin
Written for the informed and interested amateur archaeologist. An excellent fact-filled book that teaches the archaeological history of man and their tools, migration, and entry into the Great Basin. Complete with detailed maps, helpful charts, illustrations, and glossary.
The Best of Virginia City and the Comstock
Over the years, Virginia City and the Comstock Lode have been the subject of considerable study. In this work, Len Ettinger contributes to our understanding of the era, chronicling in a popular vein the development of the mines, the manner in which they were financed, and the personalities involved. The saga of the Sutro Tunnel, the connection of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad with the history of the Lode and the historic fire of October 26, 1875 are also chronicled. For those seeking a brief guide to the Comstock supplemented by maps, photos and anecdotal accounts of life as it was during the boom years, this book is the best to come off the presses in recent years.
The Infamous King of the Comstock
A biography of one of Nevada's most reviled historical figures not only lays bare the life of the enigmatic Sharon but also examines the broader historical context of his career--the complex business relationships between San Francisco and the gold and silver mining camps of the West, the machinations of rampant Gilded Age capitalism, and the financial and technological infrastructure supporting Virginia City's boomtown economy.
The Pony Express In Nevada
Dorothy Mason of the Bureau's Carson City District Office prepared this history of events covering the Pony Express in Nevada"
Traveling America's Loneliest Road
Take a Geoligic and Natural History Tour through Nevada along U.S. highway 50. This book is filled with places to see and wonderful pictures of Nevada along Highway 50.
Virginia City and the Silver Region of the Comstock Lodge
Newly revised editions with 62 new color topo maps, numerous photos and descriptions of ghost towns, historic places, gold sites, recreation areas, and more throughout Nevada.
Wild Horse Annie
Velma Johnston, who became known as “Wild Horse Annie,” undertook to stop the removal of wild horses and burros from US public lands and protect them from the worst aspects of mustanging. Her campaign attracted nationwide attention, as it led her from her rural Nevada County to state offices and finally to Washington, DC. Author Alan J. Kania worked closely with Johnston for seven years, and his biography provides unique insight into Wild Horse Annie’s life and her efforts to save the West’s wild horse herds through the passage of protective legislation.