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9' Rotating Pole with Ground Sleeve
This 9'x1" aluminum rotating pole comes only in white. The pole has ball bearings and the entire top part of the pole rotates so the flag doesn't get wrapped around the pole. It comes with a galvanized steel ground sleeve and a pair of flag fasteners(to attach a grommeted flag). These poles are perfect for camping and attention getters. These poles are not recommended for permanent use. 3'x5' Flag is recommended for this pole. (Flag in picture not included
22' Fiberglass Telescoping Flagpole
"Our Best Seller" This heavy duty 22' telescoping pole was designed to fit our RV Mounts perfectly. Comes with a shiny 4 inch chrome ball for the top and 4 revolving clips to attach your flags. Holds 2 flags.
Hitch Mount

This unique mount can be used on virtually any vehicle (truck, car, van, SUV) with a 2` receiver. The HM-22 is reversible to accommodate a rear-mounted spare tire or a lowered truck tailgate. It is designed for the 22' heavy-duty fiberglass pole. Comes with or without the 22' pole. Because of the shape of the Hitch Mount there is an additional shipping charge of $20.00 to accommodate the extra charge from shipping carriers.

$35.00 - $99.95
Ladder RV Mount

This mount attaches to all RV ladders with a 1' vertical frame and is designed to hold the 22' heavy-duty fiberglass flag pole. Comes with or without the 22' pole.

$24.95 - $89.95
RV Bumper Mount

Fits on any 4 inch rear bumper. Designed for the 22í heavy-duty fiberglass flag pole. Can also be used on the front of a pull trailer with a 4î channel frame. Comes with or without the 22' pole.

$35.00 - $99.95
RV Frame Mount

This mount is designed to bolt on to any trailer with a 6 inch frame. No drilling required. Designed for our 22' heavy duty flagpole. Comes With or without the 22' pole.

$35.00 - $99.95
RV Ladder Bracket
Made of Heavy Duty Lexan material with stainless steel clamps. Attaches to any standard one inch RV ladder. Adjustable to hold poles up to 11/2`
RV Ramp Mount

This is a universal ramp mount that can be used with virtually any unit with a rear ramp. This mount can be used with the ramp in the open or closed position and is designed for the 22' heavy-duty fiberglass pole. Comes with or without the 22' pole.

$24.95 - $89.90
Make it easy to find your RV. Our Solar Beacon Light fits on the top of our heavy duty 22' telescoping pole. Choose from Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, or White. Can be seen from over a half a mile away. Flashes every two seconds. Has on and off button. No solar panels, no wires. Collects energy during the day and flashes during the night.