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Anodized Poles
Made in America. Our anodized poles are the choice of America's leading color guards and marching bands. Poles are 2-piece and made of strong aluminum, with a rich anodized finish. Poles come in two color choices, gold or silver and two sizes, 8' or 9' (price is for pole only)
$68.10 - $83.40
Guidon Staffs
Our Guidon Staffs are hardwood jointed staff with light ash finish. Pole is 8' and comes with 7" army spear. Comes in your choice of brass or chrome
$162.00 - $205.20
Oak Poles
Made in America. Our Oak Poles have a highly polished oak finish. The pole is 2-piece with brass screw in joint. Comes is three different lenghts, 7',8',9' and two different diameters, 1" and 1.25". The standard is 8'x1.25"
$42.40 - $58.10
Snap Lock Poles
Made in America. Poles are two-piece 1" in diameter aluminum with slip joint locked together with push button snap lock. Comes with wood ball top only. Comes in two different sizes, 6' & 8'
$20.90 - $23.00
Wood Grain Vinyl Steel Poles
Made in America. The pole is made of steel and laminated with a rich wood grail vinyl finish. Pole is 8'x 1.25" in diameter