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1 2-Way Cast Iron Decorative Flag Bracket
Our 2-way cast iron bracket has the same features as our 2-way decorative metal bracket. Difference is this bracket is cast iron and comes in either white or black.
1 2-Way Decorative Flag Metal Bracket
Our 2-way metal bracket allows you the option of either a 45* angle or a 90* angle display. Comes in three different colors, white, silver or bronze. Accomidates a 1" pole.
1 Adjustable Metal Bracket
Our adjustable bracket had four different positions. This bracket accomidates 1' poles. Comes in four different color choices, silver, gold, white and black
$16.95 - $18.95
1 Universal Adjustable Metal Bracket
Our Universal bracket has 13 adjusable positions. This bracket mounts to any flat surface and can used on lightpoles using steel mounting straps. (straps not included) Accomidates a 1" pole. Comes in white or silver
1 Wood Pole with Unwrapper Tube
Our Wood Pole with Unwrapper Tube is 5'x1". It comes with a clear plastic unwrapper tube
5' No Wrap Aluminum Pole and Bracket Set
Our Pole and Bracket Set includes a 5'x1" no wrap aluminum pole with a 2-way decorative flag metal bracket. Comes in your choice of silver pole with silver bracket or white pole with white bracket.
$26.90 - $30.90
Now Available! These new small solar flagpole lights are designed to work on our 1" X 5' and 1" X 6' Ball Bearing No-Wrap Poles, but does fit other 1" poles with adapters that are included. The solar light measures 5.5" in diameter and has two solar panels to collect energy during the day and illuminates the flag at night. Comes with one AA rechargeable and replaceable batteries.